digital wellness
digital wellness

Life online can be tough, its fast pace, addictive nature can impact on your mental health.
Learn to recognise the traits, improve your digital habits with quick tips and short lessons to improve your digital wellbeing.

Internet Addiction
Internet Addiction

The internet is addictive.
61% of the population who have access to the internet are addicted.
Learn about potential symptoms, causes and impact it can have on daily life.

digital world
Learn About the Digital World

Learn how the digital world works with short bite sized lessons on digital citizenship, privacy and security.
The more we understand the better we can protect ourselves.

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There is now a wealth of quality research showing that excessive digital use can have a negative impact on our mental wellbeing.

Anxiety, mood swings, lack of sleep, depression, Internet Addiction, digital wellbeing are some of the many traits of internet addiction. It has become so serious in some countries it is a registered mental illness.

As technology continues to advance, the internet will only it become more integrated into our lives increasing our screen time further.

We need to develop new skills and understanding of our digital world.

This website is a journal of my research into how technology impacts on our lives, what strategies we can develop to protect our digital mental health and how we build a strong resilient digital mindset to tackle the future.