Learn to create some digital free space in your life

Have you ever wondered how your digital experience impacts on your life or on those around you?

The latest research indicates our screen time is on the up with some adults averaging over 9 hours a day, which is 45 hours per week!

The time we put into our our online lives often has consequences for our real time lives.

  • We are more stressed and time poor as we try to make up lost time.
  • Poor digital consumption can leave us feeling more anxious about life.
  • We are losing our people skills as we spend more time online.¬†
  • Poor digital habits can disrupt our sleep patterns leaving us tied and irritable¬†
  • Internet habits can change our brain patterns reducing concentration levels and increasing impulsive behaviour
  • The internet has addictive traits similar to those of substance abuse.
  • The more time we spend online the more we are exposed to privacy and security risks that may harm our reputation.


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