Learn to create some digital free space in your life

Have you ever wondered how your digital experience impacts on your life or on those around you?

The latest research indicates our screen time is on the up with some adults averaging over 9 hours a day, which is 45 hours per week!

To put that into context it’s like losing a 136 days per year or over an average lifetime it equates to about 27 years of your life lost online!

Not really surprising that we are so time poor nowadays.

Teenagers up to 18 years of age now average around a third of their day in front of an electronic screen. The impact of this excessive screen time is unapparelled and many of us are struggling to cope with our daily digital overload.

We are permanently distracted to the point where it is becoming a mental health issue.

With stress, anxierty and depression all on the increase its time to take control of your digital use!

Learn more about how you digital habits impact on your mental health and ways to prevent his happening.

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