Digital World

Welcome to the Digital World where we take a little closer look at how we should be using technology and what we should look out for that may impact on our mental health. The term “digital world” is used to define how we use technology. So this means how we use it to communicate and discover new information using various digital devices to access the internet.

Those of us lucky enough to have digital devices are frequently online searching for new information or something that excite us. The internet is so easy to use we comfortable being online searching for information but we are not always aware of how to access information safely and securely. Technology has become more integrated and made us a little more complacent with it use. If we are to become good examples of digital citizens for our younger citizens to follow we need to sharpen our game a little.

Most of today’s children can be classed as digital natives. This they have grown up with digital technology in the information age and are comfortable around technology. They are very fluent with its use and quick to learn new skills but some lack the necessary skills required to be classed as a competent digital citizens.

Online communication should be quite simple but the very nature of digital communication can sometimes influence our response. Most of us have good intentions when we communicate using technology but, as with most things sometimes we don’t always¬† communicate in an appropriate or responsible way, regardless of the online platform we use.¬†

We forget that online communication stays there. Once sent its almost impossible to get it back. The implications of this misuse of technology can be far reaching and we just don’t know how far down the line your inflammatory remarks or inappropriate picture will surface and cause a major impact on our lives.

Used carefully and respectfully the internet has so many positive traits but we must not forget that it is also a source a massive income to businesses. Our loss of privacy on the internet is often their gain.

This is why we need to understand the importance of digital citizenship but in a more holistic way. As your digital habits can have far more impact on your mental health than you realise.