Positive Digital Habits

We can’t make the internet go away and to be honest why should we! There are just so many positive things about the internet such as

  • Sharing information, knowledge and learning
  • connectivity and communication across the world
  • Address, mapping, and contact information
  • Selling and making money
  • Banking, bills, and shopping
  • Donations and funding
  • Entertainment

The internet was original created by US Military and was called arpanet. The idea was to allow seamless communication between military installtions even during times of war. This provided much of the structure but the internet as we know today did not arrive until the 1990’s.

Tim Berners-Lee, a computer programmer from Switzerland, ceated the World Wide Web in the early 1990′”s. Back then the internet was basically a place where you could send and retrieve files, and share information.

In 1992 the first web broswer was developed and later that year the internet turned commercial. The desire for profit has been the driving force behind the development of the internet since then.

To grow a business you need to need to have some influence. To do this you need customer knowledge. Years ago it was common to have a sales person knock on your door and try to sell you something. It was easy to get rid of them by shutting the door. Today they follow you aroud the internet analysing your internet habits to try and work out what you will purchase next.

They are with you 24/7 and they know we are suckers for screens. They know exactly how to hook us into their web. Google and Facebook are specialist at this and probaly know more about you than your family!

That is the difficult art of the web. For all it positive point the addiction is the danger. However the more we understand the more we become aware the more we can lessen that impact and learn to build positive internet experience and learn how to use the internet wisely

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