Digital Diet

Take a closer look at your digital diet.

Your digital consumption matters much the same as your food consumption. If we eat the wrong things to a point of excess it can directly impact on our health and wellbeing. The same applies to your digital consumption, if you spend excessive amounts of time consuming using digital information it can also affect your mental and physical wellbeing.

What is a Digital Diet

A digital diet is simply about creating a more balanced approach to the way you use technology. You may not need a strict digital diet but you certainly need to be more aware of how technology influences your actions. It is important to understand that all digital devices have the capacity to become addictive its the way they are designed.

If you are a parent its important to regulate not only the time your kids spend online but many are unclear just how much time should kids spend online?

Parents should be mindful that their actions will impact on the digital behaviour of their kids. Use our free digital parent guide to help you lay down some ground rules and routines.

Part of the routine will include establishing a parent/child contract on how and when they can access their digital devices

As you spend more time online you will start to create your own digital footprint so its important to know how to manage it and how it impacts on your future.

To cope with the information overload we should learn how to create Positive Digital Habits so we have some space each day free from digital influence.

The internet is awash with cognitive bias and depending on our beliefs or moods we can get caught up the hysteria of fake news. Learn some simple steps to determine fake news and keep you cognitive bias in check.

The media love to sensationalise everything and create a headline that catches your attention. Even better the internet allows them to use algorithms to push those headline into your news feed to create all the anxiety you cold wish for.

Add that to the constant pressure of information overload, social media stress, FOMO just builds up the anxiety? Its real but there are ways we can manage this anxiety with a little understanding