Data, Clicks and Bias!

Data, Clicks and Bias! It’s fake news! A saying made famous by a certain Mr Trump, which he used frequently when people said something he didn’t like. But what exactly does the term “fake news” mean especially when using the internet, and how do you determine what is fake and was is true? After all … Read more

Are your kids apps safe?

At some point your child will learn to download and connect to app. They may tell you , most probably won’t. That’s not just because they don’t trust their parents but the usually in the euphoria of the moment its probably lost on them. However, what the child does is not quite as important as … Read more

Digital Habits in Lockdown

Watch your digital habits! With Covid-19 virus sweeping the globe many of us are facing lengthy periods of self isolation either through potential illness or government lock downs. This has seen a surge in smartphone use as we seek some boredom relief through in cyber world with our digital friends, surfing the internet and checking … Read more